Thursday, November 11, 2010

Corro Mig – Part 7

Over the past two nights I picked up the pace on the build and spent less time taking pics throughout the process.

It went something like this: finish torque rods, join wings, work on Corsair repair while waiting for glue to dry, add hard wood bearers for servos, make cutouts, install servos, make carbon push rods, check setup and throws on radio, take picture, go to sleep and come back next evening to admire handy work. The end result is very satisfactory.
If you are used to the tight spaces typical of F3J/F3B models this fuselage is simply cavernous, swallowing up all the necessary bits and pieces with plenty of room to spare. This model should be the perfect platform for an electric power plant….

Hmmm, a Turnigy Park 480 should do nicely and I see they are only R185.00 from WiFlySmile

The wing seat on the fuselage and the wing centre line join also received some doublers as reinforcement.
Next up on the to-do list was the elevator push rod. Nothing out of the ordinary here. Not being a fan of z-bends I opted for some decent clevises instead. Some wire and a 6mm dowel completed the setup.

Whilst trying to test the elevator I found the servo was dead….? I could have sworn I bought all four the GWS 2BBMG servos together but on closer inspection this one looked used and felt hot to the touch after leaving it on for a minute or so. Ah well, fortunately I won’t be needing a throttle servo….

All that remains to do now is to close up the aft fuselage bottom, balance the model and add a splash of colour. Oh, and a spinner to round off that square nose.

The spinner has already been crafted from some polystyrene. Paul Carnall suggested I try using a drill as a lathe, sticking a block of foam on a dowel and shaping it with some coarse sand paper. It worked like a charm. The secret is to use as high a speed as your drill can deliver and light pressure while sanding. And if you value the peace at home, DO IT OUTSIDE!!!

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