Friday, November 5, 2010

Corro Mig – Part 4

IMG_7757Part four got underway night before last but about 10 minutes in to my soul cleansing activities our dear Eskom decided that it’s bed time for me F#&$%!!!. Working in the proximity to sharp tools by candle light didn't appeal to me.
I managed to find some 8x3mm spruce (very scarce to find) and a sheet of 6mm AAA grade balsa from Airborne Passion at a princely sum. I must admit that at least it is very good quality wood, not the usual crooked and wavy stuff some hobby shops stock.
The shear webs were made by gluing 35mm strips of cross grain balsa end to end and then cutting the tapered profiles from this strip.
The spruce was glued with polyurethane wood glue and clamped to prevent distortion. Formers F5A & B were then glued in position on F5 as per the instructions.
Next up will be the making of the dihedral braces and I should be ready to start assembly then.

I’m starting to think I may have to sacrifice my flying this weekend just to be sure the project is completed on time. Rather safe than sorry Smile


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