Thursday, March 12, 2009

Some more launch animations

The more I play with Photoshop the more impressed I am with the software and the sorrier I am I never pursued my interest in photography at an earlier age in my life. Here is two more animations I created from shots taken at the new years fly in weekend on the 4th January. These scale gliders are a taster of what's to come during this year's Sungazer event at Volksrust.

Progress on my ASG29 is on it's way. I will try and post some build photos during the process. So come on! If you have a new project on the table for this event (or any other project) please show-and-tell!

Charl doing the honours for Mike, launching the big DG500.
Here Andries is helping Len's T21 Slingsby on it's maiden launch

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

HTL #2 @ SGC

Last Sunday saw us competing at the 2nd Highveld Thermal League of the season. Getting to SGC's field proved daunting but the condition their field is in is just superb. Worth the bone jarring, sump thumping drive there....

If you are expecting a full blown report I am going to have to disappoint you, but you can visit the MGA blog (link on the right) for Lionel's report on this event. I just wanted to post some pictures. Clicking on any of the pictures will take you to the album hosted by Picasa with slightly higher res pics in the album there. Anyone wanting the full res 10MP originals give me a shout and I'll email them to you.

I've been playing with Photoshop a bit lately and have managed to slap together some cool launch animations.

Here's Paul giving Evan's Emoyeni a shove

and another of Dion tossing his X-Pro

Here is "Amazing Grace" Evan putting the Emoyeni together

Dion waiting for working time to start

One of the pics that the above animations were created from. Evan's Emoyeni taking to the air

And away she goes! Dion and X-Pro

Herman calling for Dion

and Paul calling for Evan. Not that it helped.... The Jaegermeisters, Red Bulls and Handgrenades of the previous evening were taking their toll on Evan's flying abilities ;o)

Hey Paul! The thermal is THAT way! Check out the "boep".... ;o)

Young Jason flew like a champ and even managed to beat his dad. Ag nee man Herman!

Herman being helped by Dion

Herman did a beautiful job of repairing and repainting this X-Pro

and did his utmost best to scrape off the new paint job on the nose.... The soft ground made for ideal conditions and these lawn dart landings were the order of the day.

Another spotstabber by Alan

and this one by Steph and his flying broomstick