Thursday, March 12, 2009

Some more launch animations

The more I play with Photoshop the more impressed I am with the software and the sorrier I am I never pursued my interest in photography at an earlier age in my life. Here is two more animations I created from shots taken at the new years fly in weekend on the 4th January. These scale gliders are a taster of what's to come during this year's Sungazer event at Volksrust.

Progress on my ASG29 is on it's way. I will try and post some build photos during the process. So come on! If you have a new project on the table for this event (or any other project) please show-and-tell!

Charl doing the honours for Mike, launching the big DG500.
Here Andries is helping Len's T21 Slingsby on it's maiden launch

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Mike May said...

Well done Izak,
You have just invented the motion picture or movie, you should tell Walt Disney .