Monday, February 22, 2010

A GEM is born!

It may not be official yet (pending SAMAA registration) but a new RC gliding club has been born. Yes, yes, I know that probably everyone in our close knit gliding community know that some members from the old ETB club have been flying at a new field and have even flown a competition or two at the new polo field venue. But I bet you everyone have been wondering just who the heck this GEMS club is that hosted the F3J competition this past Sunday....

When our little ETB splinter group started the process of registering the new polo field with SAMAA we decided to keep things simple and kept the ETB name for the time being. I guess at the time it was hoped that all our old ETB compadres would join us at this fantastic new venue, but alas it was not to be. The old field is still more accessible to some of the old members and as such we, being the renegade ETB'ers, decided that it was no more than fair to the old ETB club to let them retain the name and find ourselves a new one to suit the new venue.

A good couple of suggestions were proposed; some good, some bad and some just plain off the wall! At our recent postals gathering, with a representative quorum of members being present, we kicked the idea around a bit more and with unanimous decision, opted for the new name. Although it would make for a heart warming story to admit that there is some hidden deeper meaning to the new name, we have to admit that it was much simpler than that.

Paul came up with the "Greenfields" bit, thinking it appropriate, given our world champs quality lush green launching pad. The "Model Soarers" bit was basically a given but somehow GMS just did note have that same "je ne sais quoi" sound to it that ETB had. I suggested adding the Eastern bit. Maybe subconciously wanting to retain some link to our origins in ETB. So, GEMS it became....

Maybe, with the progress already been made on the club house the polo chaps are erecting, we can have a roof wetting and inauguration party soon ;o)