Monday, November 8, 2010

Corro Mig – Part 5

Although I didn’t get as far as I had hoped I would over the weekend, the Mig has progressed quite nicely. I’m running out of time though as there are still two other models that need some reconstructive surgery before the weekend…. And the trusty old Zagi is still naked after I had stripped it of its tattered pajamas.


Putting the tailfeathers together is straight forward and the only deviation from the plans was to add the balsa triangle stock to keep everything square and give the glue more surface area to take on

The formers have been glued in here and the fuselage sides pulled in. Masking tape holds everything in place while the contact glue takes time to take hold. I still found the ends of the correx was lifting afterwards and tacked them in place with cyano.


The original plans are for a gas model and had this cut-out up front to allow for engine installation. I blindly traced and cut the template and only afterwards realised that it isn’t required. So I decided to utilize it as the battery bay and made a little cover for it. Makes for a convenient location for lead should I need to add any to adjust the CG

Here the spar has been glued to the bottom of the wing. The leading edge fold needs to be creased only (not cut) and when the wife wasn’t looking I nicked her rotary pizza cutter for the job… Smile

Worked a charm!


And who can resist the mockup when the parts start taking shape?


The servos installed and the tray in position. There is a LOT of space in this fuselage… Next to go in are the push rods, switch harness and receiver.IMG_7831

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