Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Corro Mig – Part 3


More dust! After doing some “on the sly” outline shaping on a bench grinder at work yesterday (yes, I know it’s not the right tool for the job…) all that remained on the formers was to finish the cut-outs. Drilling big access holes first allowed the sanding drum on the dremel to make short work of this task.

Now the dihedral ply braces for the spars remain to be made. Only thing is, I couldn’t find any damn plywood stock, although I’m sure I had some…. The liteply used for the formers won’t be up to the task. Just the right excuse to visit the hobby shop today I guess.

The main spar also calls for a 5mm yardstick to be used, something you don’t find in hardware shops anymore. I also don’t look forward to cutting this from a hard wood so started thinking about other options. Speaking to Paul Carnall he suggested making a spruce capped vertical grained balsa shear web spar, so the shopping list for the hobby shop grows.

The above pic shows the fruit of last night’s labour and the GWS 2BBMG metal gear servos I’ll be using on this project. They’re pretty noisy from what I recall but their ruggedness makes for ideal use in a slope soarer bound to have some rough landings.

Stay tuned for part 4 tomorrowSmile

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