Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Corro Mig – Part 2

I had forgotten what plywood dust smells like! The wife wasn’t too happy when I tackled the making of the formers on the lounge floor last night while catching up on some of my favourite “crime soapies”. She deflated a little this morning after seeing that I had removed all evidence of my activities last night.

After first having to scratch around for the liteply I knew I had but couldn’t find in the mess I call a workshop, the templates were marked out on the wood and using a pin, the position where all the cut-outs are supposed to go were marked.

I finally figured out how to convince the wife to start buying me the proper tools I need…. It is bad for your wellbeing using improper tools! Losing digits to slipping exacto blades will seriously shorten your model building career….Smile

After much cussing and cramping fingers I called it quits after getting the wood cut into appropriately sized rectangles and decided to quietly slip into the workshop at work today to finish off the final shaping.

Former F1 calls for 3/16” (5mm) ply, I think primarily to be able to bolt a motor/engine to, so I substituted it with liteply as well as this model is meant for the slope. Should be OK…. I hope….

Only a couple of balsa formers remain to be cut and tonight I’ll hack out all the cut-outs in the ply formers.

Note to self: Stop by the hardware shop for some contact adhesive today.

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Piet Rheeders said...


Nou kan jy verstaan hoe Noag gevoel het to hy die Areo Commander in 40 Dae en Nagte gebou het en dit sonder plane met net die raad van Moses(dis nou Evan) en sy volgelinge.

PS. moet nie oor die Plywood stof worry nie slaan net met n' dwelstik op jou work-bench en die stof sal oop maak soos die rooi see van ouds!

Sterkte met Bou En ek sien die Mob Clock loop nog.