Sunday, October 31, 2010

PSS Corro MIG 7 in the making

GEMS 2010 PSS Fest (inverted)

With the GEMS 2010 PSS Fest just two weeks away and really wanting to have something else to fly apart from the F18, it does not leave one with enough time to take on a huge project to complete.

Scratching around on my computer I came across the plans for a correx Mig 7 (which you can find here) and Gert Nieuwoudt has mentioned that he is taking his along again. According to him it builds in less than a week, so it seemed like a do-able project, even with my slower-than-others building skills. So Friday I printed out the plans and with Maizey’s Plastics in Edenvale conveniently close, collected a sheet each of 2mm and 3mm white correx. I really wanted it in yellow as I had a yellow and blue scheme in mind but the 2mm they only do in white Sad smile.

Quite incidentally, while speaking to Emma, the sales lady there, I learned that Maizey’s intend to discontinue the straight fluted correx in favour of the s-waved version. The reason being that the latter version is stronger in both axis which is better for the bulk of their customers that use it for advertising boards and the like.
This is a real pity, as it is exactly the straight fluted version that we need, especially when utilising the flute as a hinge line. Apparently the s-wave stuff is also realy horrible to work with…. Emma couldn’t say how much longer they would have the straight flute stock around so if you have any correx projects in mind in the foreseeable future you had better go stock up on some correx.

Yesterday I cut & stuck the tiled templates together and marked it out on the corex. Today I got around to cutting out the various parts and this is the fruits of my labour:

Next step is to mark and cut out all the 3mm plywood formers. Time to get dusty Smile


Piet Rheeders said...

Magies Izak, jy kan wilkel met die bou van die Mig .Hoekom trek jy hom nie oor met Vinal soos ek met die Slope Pulse gedoen het nie.
Dan kan jy hom die kleur maak wat jy wil maar dan gaan hy n' biekie swaarder wees, maar op die slope maak dit nie juis saak nie.

PS ek hoop Evan vorder ook so fluks!

Groete ,

Izak Theron said...

LOL. Ek hoop hy gaan vinniger aanmekaar as wat ek motivering verloor.... Grap net. Die idee is om vinal te gebruik. Ek werk nog aan die skema.