Thursday, September 18, 2008

PSSFEST - Hurricane build P1

The PSS fest is causing quite stir, so I also want to make something to take along. Not as spectacular as some of the projects we've seen and that I know about, but then again it might encourage another to do the same.

The plans are printed from the '3-view' site which Paul posted. Mike has since posted which is easier to browse and seems to have better quality 3 views.

The foam from ISOBOARD is 600 wide so I scaled the 3 view to print with a 600 wingspan. The fuselage was cut out and traced onto the 80 thick board. I used Herman's Black & Decker 'mouse' to sand the fuzz and it went quick and easy with minimal mess (ouside) I've since got my own for my birthday :)

For the wings I wanted to use Alcolin Extreme Urethane & veneer but this product has been discontinued due to limited shelf life and low sales. Their tech dept recommended Alcolin Waterproof which seems to be very similar although not as strong and doesn't dry as hard. Expensive but quick & convenient. The section is S7037 (my favorite)

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Mike May said...

Are vacumning bag systems banned
on the east rand?
Or are the brick an batt brigade behind the times?