Monday, September 15, 2008

ETB PSS Fest - F18 Project Part 1

It's been AGES since I posted on the blog and this opportunity is as good as any resume posting. With the upcoming ETB PSS Fest in October I had to decide on a project to put together. To me the choice was easy, I have always wanted another F18 Hornet. Here's what the previous one looked like that I got from Paul.

With the help of Paul we quickly bashed out all the foamy bits. The fuse is from 20dv foam and the wings from 24dv. Somewhere in there is an F18 hiding away.....

Ahh! There it is.... With the templates already having been made with the previous model it saved me a lot of time behind the drawing board and behind the workbench. Now someone must just invent a foam cutter that can do all the compound curves as well ;o) Mind you, I saw some awesome CNC machines at last week's Electra Mining Show at Nasrec that could pretty well do the trick. Pity about the price tags on these marvels of technology :o(

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