Tuesday, September 23, 2008

F18 Build - Part 6

Reports on the progress of the various projects are looking good. Paul has made some inroads on his flying "canoe" and Herman has also progressed on his Provost. Tomorrow being a holiday will probably see most of us behind the workbench instead of behind the transmitter on the field.

Time to "slice and dice" the wing. Always use a sharp exacto blade for this otherwise you get chunks torn out of the foam.

Next use a sanding block to lightly sand the bonding surface. Once again plain old wood glue was used to stick on the balsa leading edges.

After shaping the leading edges I added some wing tip blocks.

Then while the glue was drying I marked out where I want the ailerons. The stock was actually 45mm wide, not the 35mm I mentioned earlier. "Look Right" engineering determined the control surface should be 35mm wide. I will cut these free when once I've glassed the wing.

...and this is what the tips look like after shaping.

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