Monday, August 29, 2011

HK 450 Helicopter for sale

The heli bug bit me me last year July and I bought an HK450 to see what all the fuss with heli flying is all about. I quite keenly laboured in putting it together and…. that’s where it ended…
Apart from briefly firing it up to check blade tracking this heli has never flown!?Smile with tongue outI just don’t have the time to invest in the countless hours learning to fly it, crashing it, rebuilding it, flying it, crashing it… well you get the picture. So I’d rather part with it.

What you get is the following (click the hyperlinks to check it out on WiFly’s website):

  1. Complete HK450 V2 kitted out with the following hardware
    1. 3 Hextronic HXT900 servos on the head
    2. Turnigy DS480 servo on the tail rotor
    3. Turnigy E500 6T 4000Kv 200W Heli Motor
    4. TowerPro H40A ESC
    5. Telebee/Turnigy Headlock Gyro
  2. Extras include the following:
    1. One “crash kit” (essentially a complete heli excluding the electronics)
    2. Funky coloured spare canopy
    3. Spare set of fibreglass blades
    4. Spare Heli Pinion Gears 3.17mm shaft, 11t and 13t tooth
    5. Pitch gauge
  3. The instruction manual (actually a T-Rex manual, but identical)

All you need to do is fit your receiver, battery, check the setup and fly.

I paid R2,050.00 for it. Current replacement price is around R1,900.00 (go figure…).

Asking price: R1,500.00 (not negotiable, excludes postage and shipping, collection preferred, Kemptonpark). Interested buyers can phone Izak on 082 859 3453.

Below are some pictures.

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