Monday, August 29, 2011

Finally some action again

After “hibernating” for a long while since the last post, I decided to kick off with updating the Corro Mig build with some pics of the final colour scheme and some feedback on the flying.

The Mig flew very well, apart from one issue when trying to loop… It would keep rolling out of the loop when it got to the top, no matter how fast I entered the loop….? I put it down to being slightly hamfisted when folding the wing. I applied too much pressure on the top skin and managed to slightly crush the flutes which caused a pronounced triangular shaped airfoil on one half of the wing. The uneven lift distribution apart from screwing up my loops also made the Mig roll better one way than the opposite way. A new wing has been added to the extremely long (and currently dormant…Embarrassed smile) list of building projects.

There has also been two new additions to this list recently, of which the first is a 6m Nimbus 4 for which I bought a fuselage from Mike May. This one is going to be a long build but hopefully should be done by the next Sungazer event…

The second addition is a Flying Fish 60” slope racer!! Open-mouthed smile My “built-like-a-brick-outhouse” DS Toko really gets the juices flowing but only starts performing well when the wind goes 40kph+!!! The Fish is slighty smaller than the Toko but according to feedback from Herman Weber and Dave Greer is less than half the weight of my TokoSurprised smile. The chinese seems to be upping their game as the construction on this little gem looks on par with anything I’ve seen come from some big well known brands. This one will go together in a jiffy and should be ready to fly by the next slope trip, which can’t be soon enough….Fingers crossed

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