Monday, October 22, 2007

Allegro Lite Build Part 6

Those folks on the MGASA group would know that I've been working on the second fuselage that I want to use for the electric version I intend building. It's been quite a learning process as I've never done moulding before.

Below are the moulds on loan from Eugene. It is not the standard AL fuselage but what I like about is the space compared to the original. It has an extended nose so I should get away with less noseweight in the end.

And this is the end result. The layup is a 45g outer layer, some carbon tow and then a 160g inner layer. The parts (untrimmed) weigh 52g up to this point. The fuselage looks and feels a little on the flimsy side so I'd probably lay up another layer of 160g on the inside. Painting will add another couple of grams in the end.

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