Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Allegro Lite Build Part 5

I eventually got some building time again in this stupid schedule everybody calls the "Rat Race".

This little contraption is a jig I made to manufacture the bent carbon carry through strips. The carbon cap strips being ±0,7mm thick does not bend at an acute enough angle, therefore the need for the jig. And this is what came from this little excercise.
Cut into strips this is where they fit in the spar system of the wingtips. Note the piece of hardwood added to the balsa cross grain shearweb that will prevent any tendency for crushing in this area.


mike may said...

Dear Izak,
Nice build thread so far, I am very interested in your use of the UD carbon I have a huge roll of the stuff and want to use it in some future projects, promise you wont cover your wings so as to hide the rib structure, keep the posts comming.
Mike M

Izak Theron said...

Hi Mike

The UD carbon worked great as spar cap material. Not certain how effective it would be as skin material though.

Apart from the d-box sheeting the Allegro is an open frame design. I will definitely be using a covering you can see through. With so much PT going into it's build you want to show off all that hard work..... :o)