Saturday, January 3, 2009

Scrum Down, Thunder and Lightening, Big Kahunas, Local Fauna and Flora & Buzz Lightyear on Volksrust

A couple of us went down to see in the New Year at Volksrust.... On Tuesday afternoon a rain shower was spotted moving in towards the slope at great speed.

We scrambled to pack our models away, but Piet was not in time to complete packing away his Aero Commando and tent before the wind and rain hit. ....And hit with a force it did...... . The wind was so strong it just buckled the flimsy poles in seconds.

Piet and Edmund dived in under the cover to hold it down and away form the Aero Commando.

The wind hit with such force, it was coming across the slope horizontally in great sheets and within minutes the hollows filled up with water. I have never seen such strong and determined scrumming.

Robert claims that Piet and Edmund must have had "Ball like the sheep at Oom Louis farm" to be out in the storm with all the lightening about. (I wonder about BJ sometimes??)
Even the Lady Sheep get a glint in their eyes when they see such a well hung gent.

Meanwhile, Robert preferred to sit in the back of his Van and braai his Wors while all this was happening.

And then, ---------------as suddenly as it started, --------------- it was all over and the rain shower passed over to the south.

Our two intrepid "front row heavyweight" emerged from under the tent to reveal the slightly wet, but undamaged Aero Commando. (See the BERG Blog for a report on it's maiden flight )

The sun came out and the flowers took on a sparkle. (If Izak can post flowers, why can't I?)

Even the local Gecko's came out to dry off in the sunshine and survey the surroundings.

If all that wasn't excitement enough, even Buzz Lightyear popped in to see if all was okay.
And then, off he went too. ------ To "Infinity and Beyond" I suppose


Izak Theron said...

And where were you during all this.... ;o)

Looks like you had a good time as well.

We managed three days in a row of excellent flying when you left and we arrived.

Report to follow shortly.


Evan Shaw said...

You know what it's like? Nobody see the photographer, but he is there, right in the thick of it all. It's a crappy job but someone has to do it!

Piet Rheeders said...

Ja Swaar,

Maar nogtans was jy nie onder die tent en in dardie skrum nie vir 10minute land terwyl die weerlig jou van agter af kielie nie. Maar anway
dankie vir die foto's

Jou Pel Piet.