Monday, December 15, 2008

Exploding LiPo's - Spitfire shot down in Flames

Last week my trusty old GWS Spitfire met it's end. Finally!!!

But not in the usual way as you'd expect, with a crash , - it's had plenty of those. Each time it was repaired and flew again. (These little foam models are amazing and are so easily fixed)

This time it really was "shot down in flames" so to speak.

Without going into too much detail, one of my colleagues had an accident while charging a LiPo battery and it exploded and the burning battery ended up next to my Spitfire. By the time we got the flames extinguished the whole rear end was burned away.

Luckily all the equipment was undamaged, except the ariel wire! Phew!!!!

Anybody need a well used -"Authentic War Bird Look"- Spitfire wing? Just slight singing on the Aileron TE.

So what have I learned from this?
Don't fool around with LiPo's. They are unpredictably things and should never be left to charged on their own.

Also charge them in one of those fireproof bags.


Izak Theron said...

Eish! Your first post..... ;o)

Now don't let it be the last!?


Evan Shaw said...

It wont be. Don't worry!

Piet's a little upset with me that I did not post on the BERG Blog. But, what the heck, I figured I have closer ties to ETB now that I'm living on the East Rand and will be flying with you guys from now on.

Besides the ETB Blog needs lots more "flybys" to catch up with the BERG Blog.

I have two new projects. One I have just finished and flown and another I'm busy building. I'll post something about them shortly.


Izak Theron said...

Waiting in anticipation!