Friday, October 10, 2008

Hawk & Hurricane

It's now t-24 and it looks like I might make it after all!

The weekend got the fuzzes glassed, but the HTL took the whole of Sunday. Monday & Tuesday were spent installing servos & linkages and glueing the tailfeathers. The superfast 30sec epoxy from AMT is a real godsend. :)
Wednesday was scheduled for painting but disaster struck. The red enamel went fine, but the brown Dulux 50ml tester I bought at a premium of R20 caused all the trouble. I expected that thinners thins most paint but not this PVA. Initially it was fine but then it turned into a sticky ball in the cup and ruberised everything inside the spray gun after about 10min, so I spent the rest of the night cleaning tools.

Bought some brown QD enamel on Thursday and repainted it Thursday evening. Finalised the noseweight & linkages, and added some colour along the line. The paint is now by far the most expensive item of the build.

Tonight (Friday) will install radio and noseweight for the Hawk and add some more cosmetics. Had to have a Red Bull on the way to work today, so the wind better blow!

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