Saturday, September 15, 2007

Allegro Lite Build Part 3

The Allegro requires a fair amount of pre-pregged carbon strips, none of which come with the short kit. I decided to make my own. The commercially available strips taper in thickness towards the tip panels which I didn't bother doing.

The uni-directional carbon material comes from AMT. The roll I got is 300mm wide. I cut this into four 75mm wide strips. Next you need to find a flat surface to work on. I scrounged two pieces of 40 mm thick bullet proof glass from a revamped bank that work perfect for this. Next step is to wax up a strip of mylar. Then cut the carbon material to slightly wider than you require. Mix up some epoxy and pour it on the carbon. I then used a hard roller to make ensure the carbon is fully saturated. Then lay on the next layer of carbon and repeat the rolling process. I had to lay four strips of carbon to get the desired thickness of ±0.7mm.
Once you're happy that the carbon has been fully impregnated by epoxy take some paper towel and blot up the excess epoxy by rolling with the hard roller again. This takes care of any unneccessary weight.
Only thing remaining is to lay another strip of waxed mylar on top and to place the other glass plate on top to ensure your strips come out perfectly flat. With the glass plates weighing easily 10kg each there is no need for extra weight on top of this "sandwich".
And the finished product...... Voila! Cutting the carbon into smaller strips is the next challenge.

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